EOS Engineering and Consultancy Software Ltd. Co. was founded by engineers who had graduated from outstanding universities of Turkey and had worked on research, development and production fields in universities, in government and private institutions. The missions of EOS are, to make research and development on electrical & electronics, computer science and software fields; to make innovation in our country.

Communication technologies, control systems and computer, the tools of the rapidly developing information age, take part in many application fields. There is a growing tendency especially to image process and machine vision, and these subjects have begun to be used in the related sectors in our country, too.  The aim of EOS is to make research and development, and specialize in this subject which will be one of the important technologies of the future.

EOS is executing the projects in Hacettepe University Technopolis with its core staff consisting of specialist engineers and with the consultancy and part-time work supports taken from the universities.